Defheriza b Jamil

Defheriza b Jamil

Defheriza b Jamil

Trade Technical Specialist for Safety Instrumented System | Petronas | Malaysia

Role Profile Description:

Operation & Maintenance

1) SIS Troubleshooting :L ead the troubleshooting of common SIS issues and devices by analysing and diagnosing the error messages generated by the system, distinguishing critical and non-critical faults and recommending solutions to ensure optimum SIS performance.

2) SIS Hardware & Software Maintenance : Lead and advise SIS hardware and software maintenance by analysing and  distinguishing field and system faults through RCA and elimination approach to reduce unproductive and counterproductive activities (including QA/QC) to assure safety and service performance, minimize rework and avoid premature in-service failures.

3) IPF Operation & Maintenance : Review the integrity of SIS and update Instrumented Protective Function (IPF) records to maintain IPF loop certification (e.g. testing frequency with appropriate coverage factor).

4) Work Procedures : Develop and maintain SIS maintenance work processes and procedures by conducting periodic reviews and recommending enhancements to ensure compliance to latest OEM instructions, work requirements and industry standards

5) Optimisation of Spares : Conduct review of the spare parts requirement for SIS hardware, software and its associated devices, and propose optimum inventory level based on manufacturer recommendations and groupwide interchangeability and practices to ensure the availability of critical spares during emergencies and eliminate unnecessary inventory.

Hobby: Sport – Badminton , Bowling