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Day 1

Opening Address 1

Ramesh Nadarajah (TUV Rheinland)

Opening Address 2

Manuel Diez, Global Business Manager (TUV Rheinland)

Transform and Transcend the Safety Case Regime: The NUS MSc SHE Technology Connection

Dr. Foo Swee Cheng (NUS)

Let's Prepare Safety Case Written Presentations in Sustaining “Live” Status

Er. Lucas Ng Hong Kiang (PCS)

The Need for a Combined Operations Safety Case (COSC)

Terry D. Jayasuriya and Mohd Jam Ali Ibrahim (Shell)

Challenges of Functional Safety in Process Industry

Dr. Thorsten Gantevoort (TUV Rheinland)

Risk Based Decision Making and ALARP - How Low is Low Enough?

Dr. Mark Skelton (Risktec)

Safer Industry through Industry Engagement, Undergraduate Education and Training

Assoc. Prof. Lim Kok Hwa (SIT)

Safety Software Engineering

Peter Sieber (HIMA)

The Principles and Practices of Proof Testing in Safety Instrumented Systems according to IEC61511

Chen Zhenkang (TUV Rheinland)

Wireless Toxic Gas Monitoring

Tan Shing Yenn (Emerson)

Brief Probe into Safety Production Solutions in Petrochemical Industry

Dr. Zhong Weitao (SUPCON)

Revalidation Process Hazard Analysis

Ravisankar K (Self-employed)

Overpressure Protection Design

Er. Srinivasan Premkumar (APSS)

Day 2

Opening Address 1

Friedhelm Best (HIMA)

Safety of Oil & Gas Industry in Indonesia

Djoko Siswanto (Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources of Indonesia)

Lessons in the Preparation and Submission of Safety Cases within the Australian Onshore MHF Regulatory Environment

Rajesh Maharaj (HIMA)

Major Hazard Facility Regulation Around the World

Zoran Sekulic (Vanguard)

Functional Safety Status and Regulation in China

Zhao Bin (TUV Rheinland)

Explosion Protection Regulations and Practices

Jumpol Thojun (TUV Rheinland)

Panel Discussion: Safety Regulations and Practices for Process Industry in Other Regions

Jin-Hyung Park (Yokogawa)

Panel Discussion: Safety Regulations and Practices for Process Industry in Other Regions

Dr. Mark Skelton (Risktec)

The Role of QRA in a Safety Case – What it Does and Doesn’t Do

Mike Bates (Risktec)

Safety Critical Elements Management in Aging BSP Assets

Muzzamil Hashmi & Siti Nurhamizah (Shell)

Control System HAZOP Methodology

Jin-Hyung Park (Yokogawa)

Quantifying the Qualitative – The Science and Application of Human Factors in Process Safety Modelling and Planning

Dr. Ray Huang (Exponent)

Flare Quantitative Risk Analysis

Lee Cherng En (Siemens)