Dr. Foo Swee Cheng

Dr. Foo Swee Cheng

Dr. Foo Swee Cheng

Educator | National University of Singapore | Singapore

Dr. Foo Swee Cheng is currently an Academic Staff (Educator) of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, National University of Singapore. He has a keen interest and strong records in research topics related to health and safety.


  • PhD (Chem. Eng.) Queensland, 1977
  • MSc (Ind. Hyg.) Cincinnati, 1988
  • MEng (Ind. Eng.) AIT, 1972
  • BSc (Chem. Eng.) Cheng Kung, 1968

Research Interests

  • Industrial Hygiene & Ergonomics
  • Occupational Safety & Health
  • Indoor Air Quality & Office Health
  • Environmental Health
  • Safety & Health Management

Selected Publications

  • H. Ho, X. L. Luo, C. Y. Ji, S. C. Foo and E. H. Ng, “Urinary 2/16a-Hydroxyestrone Ratio: Correlation with Serum Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Protein-3 and a Potential Biomarker of Breast Cancer Risk”, Annals Academy of Medicine, 27, 294 (1998).
  • L. Ooi, K. T. Goh, M. H. Phoon, S. C. Foo and H. M. Yap, “Epidemiology of Sick Building Syndrome and its Associated Risk Factors in Singapore”, Occupational Environment Medicine, 55, 188 (1998).
  • C. Foo, J. Jeyaratnam and D. Koh, “Chronic Neurobehavioural Effects of Toluene”, British Journal of Industrial Medicine, 47, 480 (1990).
  • C. Foo, C. H. Ngim, W. O. Phoon and J. Lee, “Mercury in Scalp Hair of Healthy Singapore Residents”, The Science of the Total Environment, 72, 113 (1988).

S. C. Foo, P. C. Wankat and K. H. Bergsman, “Multicomponent Fractionation by Direct-Thermal Mode Cycling Zone Adsorption”, Industrial Engineering Chemical Fund., 19, 86 (1980).